"You should never have used my creations against human settlements"
— Charlotte

Voice By Laura Bailey
Type Scientist
Species Human
Alignment Good
Status Alive
Rival Goblin

Charlotte the wife of Doctor Vargas. She is also a scientist that works with the Doctor.


After the Doctor found the golden orb 20 years before the game's events, Charlotte fell in a chasm while attempting to cross a log. The Doctor looked for her for weeks, but found no trace of her. She was persumed dead.

Further in the game it is revealed she is alive.  She was saved by Gundahar, the leader of the Goblins. They nursed her back to health, although her right leg was permanently damaged, and she now has to walk with a crane. She made designs for weapons for the Goblins.  Her original beliefs were that the Goblins were in the right to attack the humans so as to protect themselves. As time went on she realized it wasn't self defense anymore, and that they were using her designs to attack innocent people.

Later in the game, Gundahar shows displeasure at her unwillingness to make designs and threatens to kick Charlotte out. She then calls for the Doctor to save her. 

In Knack 2, Charlotte and the Doctor greet Ryder, Lucas and Knack before introducing them to Xander. 


Charlotte is a complicated woman, while appearing cheerful in her youth, her fall and the subsequent events afterwards appear to have made her cold and bitter, though her inventions for the goblins were good. She also appears to have kept her morality, as she felt ashamed once she discovered what her machines were being used for.


Charlotte has short, blonde hair, and blue eyes. She appears wearing a light purple jacket, clean-white under shirts. and a green sliver necklace. She also carries a cane to help walk since she has a bad right leg.

In Knack 2, Charlotte no longer uses a cane, meaning her leg is fixed.

Charlotte Flashback StoryEdit

After the Doctor met with Charlotte once again, she explained that after she fell, the Goblins found her. In graditude, she designed weapons for them, but stopped after she realized their true intentions. She expressed guilt, and said that she caused too much destruction to belong with other humans anymore.


Laura Bailey, who voices Charlotte, is married to Travis Willingham, who voices Ryder.