Final Guardian
Golden Core in his true form
Voice By None
Type Weapon
Species Guardian
Alignment Bad
Status Destroyed
Rival Everything

The Final Guardian is one of and the known leader of the Guardian population. It is a colossal (by far the game's largest enemy, slightly outsizing legendary Knack)


Final Guardian was the last Guardian on Earth when Knack destroyed all of the others in a small path to destroy the Giant Sphere. It is unknown if other Guardians have survived, but at least until now he is considered the last of them to battle Knack.


Final Guardian is really a red glowing stone. However, he does possess a Golden Armour whose origin is from a dismounted Giant Sphere. Considering that he is able to control Green Crystals, he also wields a Giant Sword.


  • Able to create a Stone Blade, if his sword knocks on the ground to create a shockwave.
  • He can create a shield that prevents any attack, and by the same time, he summons fire sentries which can project fire to retard and damage Knack.

 How To Beat Final GuardianEdit

The final boss fight is quite the doozy. The first stage comes in two rounds.
For the first round, the Guardian will act primarily like a normal Guardian,
smashing his sword on the ground to create a shockwave, using a forcefield to
push Knack back, and the like.

Of course, this being the final boss in the game, this Final Guardian is also
considerably more powerful and has plenty more moves. When you get close the
first time, he will use a shield comprised of green relics. He will then
cause lasers to create flames on the ground. Avoid these the best you can while
you punch the hell out of the relic shield. Destroying the relic shield will
allow you to get in a few punches, but watch out for his sword.

The Final Guardian will then retreat. Follow him to the next area to initiate
the second round of the first stage. This battle is structurally very similar.
The differences are that he uses a forcefield to try to knock Knack off the
platform, and mainly fires purple bombs that are acutally easier to avoid than
the lasers and flames from before. He will also raise the platforms on the
floor in an attempt to knock you back as well, but just return to him, destroy
the shield, and then damage him.

Make your way to the final stage of the boss fight, which is certainly a tough
battle, so buckle up. To begin with, the Guardian will draw Knack to him and
then knock away almost all of the relics. Make your way back to the pile of
relics at this point, and be ready.

The Guardian will start firing a laser beam of green relics. Move straight
toward the pile and jump to the left and right to avoid being hit by the
beam. When you reach the relics, still be ready to jump out of the way of
the green relics if needed.

After that, he will behave like before, except when he slams the sword down,
an annoying drone will fire green beams at you. So jump to the side of the
Guardian after he slams the sword, then lay into him with attacks to defeat
him for the first round.

The second round, he will once again rip the relics away from Knack. Head to
the relics again, but this time there are smaller Guardians teleported into
the area as well. Ignore them for the most part, but jump over the shockwave
that occurs when they slam on the ground as well, while also be sure to dodge
the green beams from the Guardian.

Upon collecting all the relics again, this time run around the Guardian in a
circle. The Guardian will first summon the lasers that create fire. As you
run in a circle (any direction is fine), you can also zoom forward using the
dodge ability, which is definitely recommended.

After the lasers, the Guardian will start firing purple bombs again. Avoid
them just like you did the lasers. Then you are given the opportunity to
lay into the Guardian yet again. Landing enough attacks will defeat the
Guardian for good.