Knack Glitch is a short-lived computing error generated by an unintended execution in Knack.

About GlitchesEdit

Although often brief and resolved within mere seconds of occurring, glitches are popular amongst gamers and were especially laden in earlier games, often producing bizarre, beneficial or hurtful results in gameplay or graphics. Its longer-living counterpart is a bug.

Glitches In KnackEdit

Glitches are no stranger to the franchise and have, once discovered, been often exploited and/or experimented on. In earlier days, some may have perceived these strange occurrences as either unlockable form or moves well-placed within the game and have spread the news to others.


  • Treasure Chest Invisible Glitches - An error (possibly). This glitch had inferred that when player enter a hidden room, the chest had may or unable to open it.