Japan Studio


Sony Computer Entertainment Japan


Mark Cerny

Release date(s)

NA November 15, 2013
EU November 29, 2013
JP February 22, 2014

Knack is an action platform video game published by Sony Computer Entertainment and developed by Japan Studio in cooperation with game designer Mark Cerny. It was officially announced by Cerny on February 20, 2013 during PlayStation Meeting 2013 in New York City. The game was released on November 5, 2013 in North America, and will be released in Europe on November 29, 2013, and in Japan on February 22, 2014. 


Knack is a scientific experiment created to stop the goblins in their war against the humans in this bright, animated third-person action platformer.


Knack has the player switching between two forms; one small and one large. When small, Knack runs around rooms and areas, seemingly relying on stealth. When large, Knack crushes his enemies with might and melee combos. While the outside areas appear more like a traditional third-person open world, the inside areas take a 2D/3D limited perspective, single camera approach.

During the game, Knack discovers that he has a skill (hence, knack) that allows him to incorporate ice, metal and other substances into his body, giving him new abilities from level to level. Sony describes the gameplay as "a little bit like Crash Bandicoot and Katamari Damacy, with a touch of God of War".


War has been brought against mankind by a resurgent species known as Goblins, led by Gundahar. A human doctor, who studied ancient relics from a long lost civilization for many years, finally found a way to bind them together and give them consciousness. The result was Knack, a creature with mysterious powers. For example, he can incorporate more relics into his body as he finds them, which allows him to transform from a three-foot tall creature into a gigantic wrecking machine. The doctor believes that Knack will be an invaluable asset in the war against the Goblins, until it becomes clear that an even greater danger is posed by elements of the human community.

Goblins and humans are at war. The humans call on their military and diplomatic strength, but are surprised when a scientist offers his new AI as a solution. Knack is a metal combination of floating objects that form a anthropomorphic being.

While Knack is battling goblins, the goblin leader questions him on why he would fight for humans when he is not one himself.

Meanwhile, the military leader of the humans has turned traitor and presumably begun genetic or robotic experiments in making stronger soldiers.

In the end before the credit began, Ryder and Katrina end up in a strange place. just walking toward it.


  • How You Like Me Now (by Heavy)