Morgack Mech
Weapons Machine
Type Fighting
Species Goblin
Alignment Bad
Status Destroyed
Rival Everything
Morgack Mech.


Morgack was used by Morgack during the battle.


How To Beat Morgack MechEdit

Near the end of the level, the large goblin boss will be encountered. To fight
him, simply dodge his sword attack and mash the attack button before he can
raise his shield. Enough hits will cause him to retreat. Pursue him, and then
repeat the process as you chase him through the fortress.

He will then start shooting a volley of arrows at you while his minions attack
on the ground. Defeat the minions while avoiding his arrow fire. To avoid
the arrows, double jump towards the screen. Anyway, after his minions have
been defeated, he will jump down to fight.

This guy has two attacks. If you are far away from him, he will fire his
arrows like before. If you are close, he will swing his sword, just like
before. He is handled in much the same way, however. Just a few hits is
necessary, or you can blast him with one of your Special Moves to get the
battle over with in a flash.