Ryder as he appear in the game
Voice By Travis Willingham
Type Explorer/Adventurer
Species Human
Alignment Protagonist
Status Alive
Rival Goblin

"That's deep in Goblin country."
— Ryder

Ryder is Lucas'  uncle, and is a world famous explorer who has been instrumental in the war against the Goblins. Because Lucas' parents are deceased and Ryder is a globetrotting adventurer, most of Lucas' upbringing has been overseen by Doctor Vargas, causing some interesting friction between the three characters.


Ryder appears to be a world famous explorer. His sister was Lucas' mother, and he also appears to have a crush on Karina.

Personality Edit

While sounding rather boastful at time, he does think ahead. He has enough technical know-how to build helpful platforms to climb a wall and enough physical endurance to climb it without it. He also appears to be a bit of a flirt, at least to Karina.

Appearance Edit

Like the doctor, he wears a blue shirt and brown pants, though both are lighter. He also wears fingerless gloves, and what appears to be a permanent rock-climbing strap around his thighs. There is also a strap hanging over his shoulder. Both his bracelet and belt buckle are white and green.