"Viktor Industries welcomes the opportunity to field test the latest model of our Security Robots."
— Viktor

Viktor as he appear in the game
Voice By Mark Deakins
Type Industrialist
Species Human
Alignment Bad
Status Deceased (Got transform by The Golden Orb)
Rival Knack (Character)
The Doctor

Viktor is a billionaire industrialist who has made his fortune mining for ancient relics.


A villain whose motive is unknown. Vicktor lives in a huge palace where he creates robots and other machinations.  Early in the game he is working with Knack but then his motives becomes clear when he tries to take Knack as he believed that Knack was the key to unlocking a massive vault. These relics can be used for electricity, powering machinery and vehicles, and are in fact that main component that powers Knack, his transformations, and his dramatic growth. His stable of powerful robots have been instrumental in the defense against the Goblins. He is assisted by his faithful assistant Katrina.

Viktor is a billionaire industrialist who made his fortune through security robots and other more military devices. He is also the hereditary head of an old family–complete with castle in the country–and is therefore rather formal in speech and dress.

His current status is Unknown, but probably deceased.


Viktor appears to wear a purple suit with three blue jewels around his collarbone. with slick hair and a moustache and beard.


Viktor is a smart business man.


  • Viktor transformed into the final boss by The Golden Orb
  • His love interest was Katrina, resulting in a Love triangle with Ryder.